• Is your business rates liability proving to be a major drain on your financial resources?

  • Are you confused by the whole business rates system and convinced you should be paying less?

  • If so, you are not alone, but the good news is that Landau Rating Consultants can provide the peace of mind you require and give you all the practical advice and assistance you might need in ensuring that your business rates liability is kept to a minimum.

Ask yourself whether any of the following concerns apply to you or your business and whether you could do with some advice or assistance, with the real possibility of some significant financial savings added for good measure:-

  • Your property's rent is lower than the rateable value (a good indication that the rateable value is too high).
  • Your business is suffering as a result of noise and disturbance from nearby building works (this can included works to your own building), a major infrastructure project (e.g. construction works associated with the Crossrail project in Central London) works or a major change to the local economy (e.g. a major employer has relocated, depriving your business of a large proportion of its customers).
  • You are a landlord with vacant property you cannot let and have been left with a rates demand for the full occupied charge. Similarly, if you are a tenant who has vacated the property but still retain a liability to your landlord and cannot shift the rate burden away from your own company.
  • You are looking to take on or create additional floor space or, conversely, considering downsizing.
  • You work from home and require advice as to the implications for any business rates liability.
  • Your property does not have a rateable value yet and you would like the reassurance of pre-agreeing an appropriate value with the valuation office. Alternatively, your property has been served with a completion notice and you would like to challenge this and try to negotiate a more favourable date.
  • You are confused by your rates demand and not sure whether it is correct.
  • You would like an accurate forecast of your future rates liabilities.
  • You would like to carry out a full rates audit in order to know whether there has been a historic mistake in your rates liability calculations which could have had an impact on all subsequent years' liabilities.
  • You have received a "rent return form" (a blue form) from the valuation office, asking for rental and tenure details of your property and would like help or advice to complete it.
To find out more about how Landau Rating Consultants can assist you in keeping your business rates payments to a minimum, please visit our About Us and Our Solutions pages on this website and contact us by e-mail or telephone to discuss the matter further or to set up a meeting.

Alternatively, simply drop us an e-mail to info@landaurating.co.uk requesting a free rating information factsheet and we will send one over to you right away.
October 2010
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